Tom Stoddart has documented many of the world's most incredible and tragic events. His powerful, humanistic, black-and-white photographs have won him many awards and the international respect of his peers. iWITNESS is as much a celebration of Stoddart's exceptional career as a photojournalist as it is a merciless diatribe on the day-to-day business of how the world conducts itself. This is an intensely personal view by an observer who refuses to believe that human beings can only exist in conflict with one another and the environment they inhabit. The people portrayed in these photographs are heroes: innocent people trapped and battered by circumstances beyond their control. Most of the events chronicled here can be attributed directly to mankind's greed, intolerance, prejudice, inhumanity, lust for political power and sheer stupidity. Don't feel sorry when you look at these pictures - feel angry that we need to be reminded of such folly. It is sad but necessary that these photographs exist.

December 2004 - Tom Stoddart . iWITNESS, Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland

July 2004 - Tom Stoddart . iWITNESS, More London Riverside, London, UK (followed by a worldwide traveling exhibition)

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